Construction Company Startup

Professional business enquires,
marketing and Know-how for your business


What do I get?

Construction Company Startup service is perfect for entrepreneurs operating in the UK and people who plan to start a business.

All tools for you

If you have been running a construction company for many years, but you do not have a website – Our construction company Startup service is also a good choice for you.

The StartUp Service  covers basic elements of creating a positive and lasting brand image of the company and tools / contacts   to enable you and the business to consistently receive new business enquiries.

From an idea to your first clients


Benefits which you will gain from using of our StartUp service:

  • BiznesMentor will give you more knowledge and will provide your company with necessary tool for marketing and sales of your building services
  • You will receive a full branded image of your enterprise – logo, website domain with , email address , www. Website, business cards and marketing materials
  • Your business will be registered in agencies and other construction industry membership sites which deliver and provide building projects such as refurbishments /  kitchen fitting  etc.
  • You as a entrepreneur will receive consistent sources of clients / contacts to enable more building enquiries and company growth
  • Your business will be advertised in specific places to enable you to be found by architects / developers and landlords/
  • You will be mentored and guide as to how to secure leads and enquires  with  more success
  • We will mentor you on how to get to offer your services to architects and interior designers / estate agents and developers
  • You will be trained on sales of your services/ client negotiations and after sales customer service
  • BiznesMentor will provide you with  all necessary forms / contracts and legal documents in order to be able to sign professional agreements with new clients
  • You will receive  the necessary knowledge of how to price / quote for new building projects
  • BiznesMentor also aims to deliver you knowledge  on any unforeseen changes to legislations and  construction industry updates that may affect the running of your business

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